“The Nicoluccì family enriched by the direct experience of generations of wine growers

have always maintained, unaltered, a fundamental respect for ancient roots:

their Sangiovese is a tribute for tradition and for the territory in which they are operating”.

Giuseppe Nicolucci

Amedeo Nicolucci

Giuseppe Nicolucci

Alessandro Nicolucci

The estate Fattoria Nicolucci di Nicolucci Alessandro has been producing vintage wines at Predappio Alta (a vine growing area historically renowned in Romagna) since 1885.

Indeed since the year 1000, as quoted in the municipal statutes of the time, the local economy was based on sangiovese vine growing: feudatories used to distribute the large vineyards among their peasants who’d take the greatest care of Bacchus’ trees.

Fattoria Nicolucci is a typical Italian estate, a family run farm driven by the concept that the variety must match the terroir and climate; that’s why it continues to set the standard for Romagna and remains at the forefront of the region’s top wine producers. Today, the winery and vineyards are operated under the same guiding principles with fourth generation wine-dresser Alessandro at the helm.

Predappio has its own microclimates, its own traditions, and its own history, all of which are reflected in the wine produced at Fattoria Nicolucci.

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